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Due to price inflation of supplies, ingredients and the amount of time/work that gets put into custom cookies, please aware of my new pricing starting in 2022. All cookies will come individually heat sealed in cellophane bags for freshness. The prices below are for custom orders.  Holiday presale cookie pricing may differ.

Our signature flavor is Vanilla Almond.  



Custom Cookies

Starting: $8/cookie*

*2 dozen minimum


Pricing can include:

unlimited colors & design options, intricate details, piping, hand painting, florals, etc... Once these are decided on, a quote will be given


Cookie Sets

Starting: $18/set starting*

*$100 minimum (sets of 2-6 cookies)


Unlimited colors 

Florals, detailed piping and

designs, metallics, painting etc.

come packaged in box with ribbon


DIY Cookie Kits

Starting: $35/half dz. kit*

*No minimum

6 cookies

2-4 Icing Colors

Up to 3 designs

Kit will come with a dozen cookies, royal icing, and sprinkles



These will now fall under the $8+/cookie starting pricing for custom orders


Individual Cookies

Starting: $10/cookie*

*1 dozen minimum

2-6 Colors

4" cookies.

Florals, detailed piping and

designs, painting, metallics, etc.

come packaged in box with bow



Starting: $3.50/cookie*

*Add on option to Regular size

Minis can be chosen as an add on option for your regular sized custom order.  Can not be ordered on their own. Design details will vary.

diy cookies.jpg

Paint your Own

Starting: $10/cookie*

*1 dozen minimum

2-5 Colors for palette

1-2 designs

Each comes with a paint brush

Packaged in cellophane bags

Add - On Options

  • Metallics - $5/dozen

      Use of gold, rose gold and               silver metallic paint or edible           gold leaf

  • Bows - $5/dozen

       Cookies can be individually               packaged and tied with ribbon.

All cookies will be individually heat sealed for freshness at no extra charge

Ingredient List

Cookies: Flour, sugar, butter,

eggs, vanilla emulsion, almond

emulsion, salt, baking powder.

Icing: powdered sugar, meringue powder, corn syrup, butter vanilla emulsion, almond emulsion, natural food coloring.

Allergens: eggs, dairy, wheat

Not made in a nut free kitchen

All items are made in a home kitchen operating under MN Cottage Food Laws and not subject to state inspection. My kitchen is not peanut free. Allergens: wheat, dairy. Shipping is unavailable under MN cottage food law regulations.


Minnie's Cookies 2023

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