Back to School Presale

Pickup times:

Sunday, August 29th

Starting at 10AM


Friday, September 3rd

Starting at 5PM

Pick-up location:

Maple Grove, MN


(address will be given during checkout)

We've got a sweet treat for everyone!

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All presale orders are first come, first served.

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Pick up your delicious cookies on the chosen date and time.

Pick up location will be given during check out.


*** Ordering and Refund Policy ***  


Pick up is in Maple Grove, MN. You will receive a specific address during check out.  If you do not receive an email from me regarding pick up, feel free to email me at any time.

All cookies are packaged in a cellophane bag and heat sealed. They will stay fresh for 2 weeks, and can be frozen in airtight containers for several weeks to two months.

Cookies are made in a home kitchen operating under MN Cottage Food Laws and are not subject to state inspection. Kitchen is not peanut free. Allergens: wheat, dairy, eggs Flavor: vanilla almond (almond used is a nut-free emulsion). Regular cookies are approximately 3.5”. Large cookies are approximately 4".  Mini cookies are approximately 2”.

For pre-sale orders, aside from the personalization (if available), cookie design is as shown and alterations/changes may not be requested. Because each cookie is made by hand, cookies may vary slightly in style and color.

Cookies that are not picked up during the time frame will be placed in a box on my front step. Cookies not claimed from the front step within 24 hours will be subject for resale. Minnie's Cookies is not responsible for damage or theft of any cookies left on front step.

Cookies are made to order; no refunds.

****** Do to recent events with COVID-19, all cookie orders will be available for front door pick up.  During holiday pre-sale events, each order will have the name of the individual who placed the order on it.  In order to keep social distancing, I will try my best to stagger pick up times.  Please wait in your car if there is another person already picking up their order.